Phoenix Hopes To Attract MLS Expansion Team

The city of Phoenix, Arizona hopes to join Nashville and Miami in the MLS someday. With the music city and the 305 getting approval from the MLS, Phoenix has its eyes set on the next round of league expansion. And the largest city in Arizona already has a great case as it vies to land the latest MLS expansion team.

Phoenix Prepares For MLS

The city of Phoenix is currently one of the largest cities in the United States without an MLS franchise. But the estimated population of 1.6 million people is merely one of the feathers in valley city’s cap. Phoenix hasn’t just rested on its laurels as it waits for a team; instead the city has recently made strong proposals to the American soccer league. Phoenix Rising, the USL team, unveiled renderings for a potential stadium, suitable for an MLS team that could attract up to 21,000 fans.

The proposed stadium would reportedly cost a total of $250 million, and the best news is tax payers would not have to contribute a dime to the effort. Representatives of FC spoke on the matter; confirming the construction of the stadium would be privately funded. As for the design, developers intend for a European soccer-inspired look. While there will be no retractable roof, designers insist shade to keep soccer fans cool in the desert is a main priority.

Other Hopeful MLS Cities

When Nashville was awarded a franchise at the end of the 2017 calendar year, it was considered a bit of an upset at the time. Three cities presented strong bids in competition for the team. Those cities are Cincinnati, Detroit, and Sacramento. The latter’s bid fell apart due to ownership concerns. Detroit proposed a duel stadium that could combine soccer with other sports, which certainly gave MLS officials pause. And Cincinnati does remain a top contender in the next round of expansion talks. It’s quite possible the race for the next MLS team will come down to Cincinnati and Phoenix.

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