David Beckham Brings MLS Team To Miami

David Beckham is an international superstar that has played for some of the greatest football and soccer clubs in the world, such as Manchester United, Real Madrid, and the L.A. Galaxy. This week, he is making MLS history by bringing a club to Miami, one of the most multicultural cities in the United States. It took Beckham nearly four years to make enough progress to convince MLS commissioner Don Garber to grant South Beach with an MLS franchise. For Beckham, it wasn’t the first time that someone doubted his ability to come through. During the press conference announcing the new franchise, he told a story of when he was 12 years old, and a coach told him that he would never play professional soccer or for his home country of England. It’s safe to say that coach was clearly mistaken, because Beckham is arguably the biggest English star of all-time.

Long Time Coming For Miami

As mentioned above, Miami is quite possibly the most multicultural city in the United States, so it only makes sense that the most popular international sport finds a home there. Soccer is by far the most watched sport in Central and South America, and Miami has a huge Hispanic population, which is what drew Beckham to South Beach. In fact, he addressed the crowd with an “Hola, Miami,” during the opening press conference. Many details have yet to be released, but the team will play in a 25,000-seat, privately funded stadium. There is not a team name of logo yet, but the team is expected to begin play in 2020.

Chance At Messi?

Beckham created quite the buzz when he announced the new franchise, but the most influential person among footballers to send praise his way was Lionel Messi. He took to Instagram to send a congratulatory message to Beckham, but the most intriguing part of the video was when Messi said, “Who knows, in a few years maybe you will give me a call.” That comment set the Internet on fire, because Messi coming to America would be the biggest thing to happen in U.S. soccer history.

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